Omldue Precision machining since 1974.

OmlDue is an engineering company focused on precision machining for third parties since 1974.
Omldue was born as Oml Snc from the passion for mechanics and from the taste for challenge of its founder, Claut Giuseppe. In the first years the company had only ten employees, but with time, due to the high quality of the product and the service, the company was able to become more important in the market.
In the 1990’s, due to administrative reasons, Oml Snc became Srl with the new name of OmlDue, through several investments in machinery and infrastructure the company made an enormous qualitative improvement. In 1998, as a testament to its distinctive trait of the constant search for quality, OmlDue received a certification from the Business Quality System.

Our history

In the early 90s, for administrative reasons, it was transformed into an Srl with the name of OmlDue and made significant investments in both machinery and infrastructure, allowing it to make a significant qualitative leap. To underline its distinctive feature in the pursuit of quality, in 1998, it obtained the certification of the Company Quality System.

The entry into the company of the children is a strong sign of continuity, which is expressed through the daily passion lavished in the work and the continuous search for those technical / qualitative improvements aimed at satisfying the growing demands of the market. To date, the company is spread over a covered area of 7,200 square meters of which 4,000 are dedicated to the production departments and employs about 85 people.

Certified quality

The corporate assets made up of human resources and production means, used to the best, allow us to give flexible and timely responses to the most demanding markets. The production types, on which we have a decade of experience, are the production of precision mechanical parts, obtained by turning, milling and grinding.